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When did you guys start playing Call of Duty?

Razinon started with Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360. His first CoD (and FPS) on PC, however, was Black Ops 4 starting in December of 2018. Tanner started with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare around 2007 on PC. He entered the amateur competitive scene for the game, playing in CEVO and CAL-Main, and has dabbled in plenty of other CoD titles since then.

How good are you guys at the game? What's your K/D ratio?

Obviously this varies from title to title, but we're both far better than average. Tanner is beyond the 99th percentile. Razinon isn't as good, but nonetheless sits at the 92nd percentile. You can find their stats on search Tannerrrr#1653 (, or Razinon#1646 (

What sensitivity do you guys play on?

Razinon plays on 4.12 in-game sensitivity for Warzone/Cold War, with 1600 DPI, monitor distance coeffecient of 1.78, high-zoom sensitivity multiplier of 0.6, affected/relative, with a field of view of 115. Tanner tinkers his sensitivity fairly regularly, but is usually around 4.0 in-game with 1600 DPI. He also plays on affected/relative, with a field of view of 115.

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